"The primary purpose of this Club shall be to develop, promote and administer both a recreational and a competitive soccer program among all boys and girls from ages four through nineteen primarily in the communities of Paradise, Magalia, and Stirling City, without regard to their race, creed, gender, or ability."

Code of Conduct

“Let the Players Play!!!”

The Paradise Ridge Youth Soccer Club is dedicated to providing a competitive learning environment for youth players. This experience should develop not only technical playing skills, but also teach good sportsmanship skills and how to be a good team player. We are pleased that PRYSC families and coaches alike support our players we encourage the following sideline etiquette during home and away games. We are all always ambassadors for PRYSC and the entire soccer community.

  • Spectators are never allowed to talk to or at the referee during or after a game.
  • Spectators may not coach players.
  • Coaches questioning referees may ask for clarification and should use a respectful voice and attitude.
  • No derogatory remarks, gestures or profanity may be used at any time by anyone.
  • Coaches are responsible for their team's spectators and a referee may "send off" a coach in response to unacceptable spectator actions.
  • Coaches, spectators, and players may not comment to the other teams' players. The only exception is positive comments, such as "nice play".
  • Please - no alcohol, tobacco, or dogs on the soccer grounds or parking lots.

Let the Players Play, the Coaches Coach, and the Parents Encourage and Support!